Packaging Printing

Packaging Printing

Packaging Printing

Graphic design refers to the editing of text and images in an understandable way in order to convey a message. Packaging is a material that is reproduced and has continuity. Graphic designs applied on packaging are reproduced using printing techniques. The person who prepares the packaging design should know the requirements of the print designs in the process of imagining, drawing and applying graphic design. No matter how magnificent a single model is made, if it cannot be duplicated, there is no value of it in terms of production.

Printing Techniques can be defined under 5 main groups:
• High Printing (Typo Printing-Flexo Printing)
• Flat Printing (Offset Printing – IML Printing)
• Intaglio Printing (Gravure Printing)
• Perforated Printing (Serigraphy Printing)
• Digital printing

What are the printing techniques used in packaging production?

Flexo Printing
These machines can make bobbin multi-color printing with plastic blocks with high screenings. Successful results are usually obtained with dash graphics prepared with spot colors. Screening values are compared to other printing techniques. Today, flexo technology is rapidly evolving and protects its feature of being one of the fundamental of the packaging industry. There are many different machine features. Machine variants show differences according to their length. Many food product packages, such as pasta, salt, pulses, frozen food, many flexible food packages, hygienic pets, tincture paper, wet wipe top labels and many label types use this technique.

All kinds of paper, cardboard box printing processes can be performed in offset printing system. Metal packages also use this system. This system uses standard paper sizes. It mainly uses CMYK printing system. However, it is always useful to use spot color in packaging industry.
IML Printing
It is some kind of label printing. Labels printed on special material in the offset system and integrated with plastic containers with the help of injection. In many food items such as yoghurt, cheese, hazelnut paste this system is used.

It is very similar to flexo printing. This system also works on the coil. In flexo, plastic molds are transformed into steel-coated copper-clad plates. The printing technique is the opposite of flexo. Therefore, fine prints are obtained with fine screenings. Photogravure printing system is used in many flexible packaging such as biscuits, chocolates, chips, dry food, nuts, and powdered foods. It is preferred in baby towels, cosmetic products, wet pocket towels because they provide high quality.

Serigraphy Printing
Prints on all kinds of surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, wood

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